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Don Mattingly said the only way to stop Rhys Hoskins is to put fielders in the stands

Rhys Hoskins is quickly turning from top prospect to baseball legend in the first 33 games of his MLB career. He hit another dinger, his 17th, in the Phillies' 8-1 victory over the Marlins on Wednesday -- putting him in some elite Philadelphia Rookie of the Year company:

So, how does one stop such a menacing, dinger-crushing machine? The question was put to Marlins manager Don Mattingly postgame, who, well, this is what he said:

Not totally legal, but an interesting idea. We'd love to see it tested out. Miami starter Dan Straily, whom Hoskins is 6-for-8 with three homers against, seemed just as perplexed when talking to's Ben Harris postgame.
"That guy is racing to the bat rack when I come up," Straily said. "He just is. That was his third home run off me, I want to say I've gotten him out one time. I've tried everything and it's just not working and I will continue to search for that hole between our matchup because it's not going to go away as long as we're in there facing each other. I'm going to have to do a little more homework on him."
Good luck, MLB pitchers.