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A confused bald eagle landed on a fan at the Cotton Bowl and it was impossible not to think of James Paxton

Bald eagles are majestic creatures, and when coupled with the national anthem at sporting events, it makes for a truly magnificent spectacle -- if all goes according to plan, of course.
Before the Cotton Bowl on Saturday between the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and the Clemson Tigers, an eagle was doing its thing during the anthem, but for some reason did not land in its designated resting spot. Instead, the eagle headed into the stands: 

... coming to a rest on a startled Notre Dame fan wearing a green shirt:

Naturally, those who pay close attention to the quirkier happenings on the baseball diamond of late might have been reminded by this incident of a similar fate that befell James Paxton, then of the Mariners, last April

His former teammate Taijuan Walker was definitely on the same page:

Maybe James and the fan in the green shirt can start an Unofficial Bald Eagle Trainer Club or something.