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Eagles fan Mike Trout had a ... strong reaction to the Packers beating the Cowboys

Angels star Mike Trout is a proud-and-true Philadelphia Eagles fan. He was spotted at Eagles home games singing along with his fellow fans, gave a pair of his shoes to every player on the team as a Christmas gift, and even caught a touchdown pass (basically). 

So, after the Eagles' NFC East rival Cowboys lost a thrilling playoff game to Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers on Sunday, how did Trout react? Well ... like this:

Trout wasn't the only player pleased by the outcome of that particular game. Joc Pederson was surely feeling pretty good, as was the Brewers' Corey Knebel -- who went to the same high school as Packers kicker Mason Crosby, by the way.

Fandom. It runs deep.