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Mike Trout gave the Philadelphia Eagles pairs of his shoes for Christmas

Mike Trout makes no secret of his love for the Philadelphia Eagles. The Millville Meteor regularly attends home games at Lincoln Financial Field, and he even had the privilege of singing "Fly, Eagles, Fly" back in October. And so, during this season of giving, Trout decided to give a gift to the football team nearest and dearest to his heart: namely, the gift of extremely sharp footwear.

Yes, Trout gave every member of the Eagles roster who has a contract with Nike a pair of the sneakers that bear his name. He also included a thank you note and a small photo -- in case someone had no idea who this "Mike Trout" fellow was, or wanted to know what the best player in baseball would look like on the cover of 1996's most fire boy band album.
As for Trout's other great love, Mother Nature, that gift will be a bit trickier. But we're confident he'll find a way.