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Eddie Rosario busted out an inflatable Prince guitar that inspired Robbie Grossman to hit a home run

With the Angels and Twins locked in a 1-1 tie in the sixth inning of Friday's Prince Night at Target Field, Eddie Rosario knew only one thing he could do to inspire the team. Forget the rally caps, rally monkeys or rally opossum: The infielder turned to the inflatable purple Prince guitars the team handed out before the game. While Rosario was presumably rocking out to the funky rhythms of "Kiss" or perhaps the face-melting solo from "Purple Rain," Robbie Grossman walked to the plate. 
You could probably guess what happened next: While Prince had dozens of hit singles, this was a smashed homer: 

While it was nice that the Twins wore their little red jersettes, they should have ditched their ballcaps for some raspberry berets.