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The last two times Eddie Rosario's family has been at a game, he's hit three home runs

Eddie Rosario, a man who doesn't normally hit a ton of home runs, hit THREE against the Indians on Sunday. The last, a two-run shot, was of the walk-off variety -- helping the Twins to a 7-5 victory. His family was a tad excited:

This was the second three-homer game of Rosario's career -- he did it in June of last year. Amazingly enough, that was also the last time his family was cheering him on from the stands. He mentioned his family was in attendance during his postgame interview on that June date and then, on Sunday, he talked about the strange coincidence:'s Rhett Bollinger asked him about the moment:
"It happened again. My family is here ... It's special for me and it's more special for my family. I feel proud, good and happy with my family here."
Rosario's father, also named Eddie Rosario, said he predicted it from his seats:
"That walk-off. I asked for it. As soon as it left the bat, I just said, 'Game over.'  And a lot of things in Spanish. But it was great. I'm very glad with what he's doing right now. My emotions, I'm just excited. And the family is so happy right now. Heck of a game."
"Right now, he's very happy. His wife and his kids are here, and us. It's so much fun. He enjoys this a lot."
It begs the question: If Eddie Rosario brought his family to every single game ... would he hit 436 dingers per season? Makes you think.