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This is the one at-bat Edgar Martinez wishes he could get back against Mariano Rivera

It's been rehashed over the last few days, but it's fair to say that newly-elected Hall of Famer Edgar Martinez absolutely dominated newly-elected Hall of Famer Mariano Rivera during their playing days. Baseball's greatest DH hit .579/.652/.1.053 with two dingers in 23 plate appearances against baseball's greatest closer.
But during a Hall of Fame press conference on Wednesday, we learned there was one at-bat against Rivera that still bothers the Mariners' great. In fact, he would give back all of his success for one little base hit in said situation. Check it out below:

Well, we found the video. You can watch it in the main media slot above. It's Game 6 of the 2000 ALCS. The Mariners were down two with Alex Rodriguez on second and Edgar at the plate. It wasn't a fly ball to left field, but a grounder to the left side.

Even though they misremembered how the specific out happened, I love how both immediately knew the play in question. After all these years, still right at the top of their minds.
The Yankees would, of course, go on to beat the Mets in the World Series that year. Tough break for Edgar, but all things considered, he had a pretty decent career.