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Eduardo Nunez hit an inside-the-park home run without the ball even getting to the wall

Hitting an inside-the-park home run usually requires that a batter have speed as well as some help -- either from the opposing defense or a funky bounce.
During the second inning of Thursday's Opening Day matchup against the Rays, Red Sox second baseman Eduardo Nunez hit an inside-the-parker. While he certainly got some help from the Rays outfield, he showed that speed is the biggest factor in achieving inside-the-park glory:

After his sprint around the bases, Nunez had plenty of energy in reserve to celebrate -- even if he needed some help getting to his feet:

Nunez is no stranger to the inside-the-parker. He hit the first of his career in 2016 when he was with the Twins. Though he's changed uniforms since then, his inside-the-park home run celebration has stayed pretty much the same: