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Elton John hung out with the Twins and it turns out he's a huge baseball fan

You may not think of Sir Elton John as being a big baseball fan. After all, the pianist with some of the greatest on-stage outfits you will ever see is not only from England, but he was the former chairman and owner of Watford FC, a (super fun goal-scoring) soccer team currently competing in the English Premier League. He even has a stand named after him at their stadium. 

Turns out, he loves baseball too, as was made clear when he hung out with a few Twins players before his concert in Estero, Fla. on Wednesday night. When I say that he's a baseball fan, I don't just mean that he's a casual observer, who can say things like "Mike Trout is ... good?" but one who really knows his stuff. After moving to Atlanta in 1991, the singer became a big Braves fan. 
As Joe Mauer noted to's Rhett Bollinger, the singer was "throwing out names like Mark Lemke," Mauer said. "You'd think he'd say like [John] Smoltz or [Greg] Maddux, but he knew about guys like Lemke."
That's right: Mark Lemke, the Braves' second baseman with a career .246/.317/.324 batting line and inspiration to all grit and gumption Major League fans ever. (Though it may be a bit of a sore point for Twins' fans. Lemke hit .417 with three triples in the Braves-Twins World Series in 1991.) 

Even better, John dedicated a song to the Twins players. Sadly, it wasn't the Twins' 1991 anthem, but rather a very close second in "Your Song."