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Enrique Hernandez will give you an autograph, but only if you give him your shoes

Sure, Dodgers utilityman/Snapchat auteur Enrique Hernandez seems impossibly endearing. He wears banana suits. He cares deeply about celebratory selfies. He's the world's most adorable teammate. As a young fan taking in the sights before Saturday's Giants-Dodgers game, it only makes sense that you'd try to strike up a conversation.
But make no mistake -- if you ask Enrique Hernandez for an autograph, you'd better be prepared to negotiate. And, if necessary, to give up your shoes.

Just kidding -- Hernandez actually is as impossibly endearing as you'd imagine, and just wanted Josh's shoes so he could sign them, too.

Though we give full props to Josh for the dedication required to not think twice about having to watch an entire baseball game barefoot. That's next-level fandom.