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Ervin Santana makes imaginary pickoff attempt, Ian Desmond throws it right into center field

Three simple words are enough to strike fear into the heart of any baserunner: hidden ball trick. Baseballs hiding in pockets, baseballs hiding in gloves, even pickoff moves disguised as cap readjustment -- the methods of trickery are nigh endless.
Ian Desmond, however, wants you to know that he is not afraid in the face of public humiliation. He remains ever vigilant, ready to pounce on any and all shenanigans sent his way. So, when Ervin Santana pretended to toss a pickoff attempt over to second base during Minnesota's 3-2 loss to the Rangers on Friday, Desmond decided to send a message -- this is what he thinks of your trickery:

Be careful though, Ian. As the saying goes, the pride always comes just before you think the pitcher actually has the ball.