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Make your voice heard and vote for the best fan catch of the year

Fan catches are unequivocally awesome. I mean, what's not cool about the amateurs in the seats making expert-level snags on foul balls -- or, if they should be so lucky, monster dingers? Where opinions diverge, however, is what makes the best kind of fan catch: Glove? Bare hand? An untraditional baseball receptacle? And should you be nonchalant about it or lose your dang mind?
These are the questions that strike at the very heart of what it means to be a baseball fan. Now, it's time to make your voice heard with today's category in the Esurance MLB Awards: Best Fan Catch. Watch the nominees below and cast your vote here by 2 p.m. ET on Nov. 11. 
Nominee: Fan snares rocket (Tigers @ Rangers, Aug. 12)
When Adrián Beltré roped a ball down the left-field line with an exit velocity of 103.7 mph, a Rangers fan had her glove ready to snare the rocket.

Nominee: Hats off to dancing fan (D-backs @ Brewers, July 28)
After using her bucket hat to catch a foul popup, a fan in Milwaukee busted out her best moves to celebrate the free souvenir. 

Nominee: Husband's snag save (Marlins @ Phillies, May 16)
A Phillies fan rose to the occasion, grabbing a foul ball with his bare hands to prevent it from hitting his wife.

Nominee: Fan's excellent extension (Mariners @ Pirates, July 27)
After tumbling over a railing while making a great catch, a Pirates fan re-emerged to wild applause from those around him.

Nominee: Fan's victory lap (Twins @ Indians, Aug. 30)
After running down a foul ball, a fan in Cleveland took an enthusiastic victory lap with his prize held high for all to see.