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A resourceful fan caught a foul ball and Albert Pujols' homer in the same game

Some folks at the ballpark are more resourceful than others -- whether just by virtue of bringing a glove to the game or walking around to get different perspectives. One fan at the Mexico Series matchup between the Angels and Astros on Saturday night in Monterrey exemplified the benefits of being resourceful ... by making great catches on a foul ball and a home run.

After snaring the foul ball, he handed the prized souvenir to a lucky kid in the stands:

Later in the game, Albert Pujols clubbed a homer beyond the bleachers in left field -- and there was that guy in the grey shirt again, this time in an Astros cap?

I'm not saying having a glove made this possible ... as somebody without a glove can probably make two catches in the same game.

Having his glove probably didn't hurt, though.