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Please spare a thought for this unfortunate fan who lost pizza and fries on separate foul balls

Food at the ballpark makes the experience of going to a game so much better. Who doesn't like chowing down while watching Cody Bellinger smash some dingers? So if you're going to try to catch a foul ball while holding some food, you better know how much you might be sacrificing.

A Dodgers fan learned this difficult lesson during Wednesday night's game against the Giants. He had nearly an entire plate of french fries when he tried to snare a pop-up from Russell Martin, one-handed. The results ... were mixed.

That's a lot of fries that went to waste. You simply hate to see that.

At least he came up with the souvenir though, and didn't have any Platinum Glove award winners in his way. But it was back to the drawing board for food, so he left to go get a slice of pizza.

As fate would have it, another foul ball came his way an inning later, courtesy of Tyler Austin. The fan was holding a plate of pizza, and again, he tried to make a one-handed catch. Again, he failed.

He didn't even get to keep the foul ball this time!

At this point, he's basically the king of pratfalls. Thank goodness he was never trying to catch a foul ball after just throwing out a banana. Otherwise, we'd definitely have some wonderful, old-fashioned cartoon silliness.