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With nachos in one hand, a woman caught a foul ball with the other and struck a triumphant pose

Time and time again, we're reminded of the food-destroying abilities of foul balls. If you're a fan roaming the stands, returning from the concession stand with a new tray of treats to enjoy -- watch out. If you're a fan standing beyond the outfield wall with a frosty cup of beer and a homer is lofted into the air -- watch out. 
The above rules apply to everybody, but maybe not this one fan at the Rockies' 4-3 win over the Mariners on Sunday at Coors Field. She did have a full tray of nachos ... but this is not another story of foul ball destruction. Nope. It's a story of a fan defying the odds, standing up and grabbing the foul ball with her free hand and thrusting it into the air in triumph:

Well done, ma'am. Everybody else, do this.