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A fan in a 'Dozier's Streak Ends Today' shirt had a great view of Brian extending his hitting streak to 24 games

You often hear players say they enjoy being booed on the road. Getting a rough reception as a visiting player provides plenty of motivation, ticking the adrenaline just a bit higher. 
Brian Dozier took a 23-game hitting streak into play in the Twins' 14-1 loss to the Yankees in the Bronx, as he's been on quite an offensive tear dating back to the last few days of the 2017 season. 
This fan, though, was convinced the streak would end on Monday night.

... but it didn't, as Dozier drove in Minnesota's first run of the game with a two-out single off Masahiro Tanaka in the fifth inning.
The eagle-eyed among you might realize that this is, in fact, the same gentlemen who urged his fellow Yankees fans not to boo Giancarlo Stanton with a similar shirt over the weekend:

Now that he's clearly established a brand for himself, we have to wonder what he'll do next ...