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A fan learned the hard way that beverages aren't safe when Aristides Aquino is up to bat

Aristides Aquino has been nearly unstoppable since the Reds promoted him from Triple-A at the Trade Deadline. He captured NL Player of the Week honors and set a record with eight homers in his first 12 career games. His fierce swing is already giving pitchers headaches, and now, fans are getting to know its dangers as well.

On Tuesday night, the Reds were in D.C. to face the Nationals, and Aquino was batting in the top of the second. He gave a fierce rip at a 95-mph pitch from Joe Ross that was sailing a little above the strike zone, fouling it directly back into the screen behind home plate ... right in the direction of a Nationals fan, who was holding a beer.

Man down. You hate to see it.

But let's face it -- who wouldn't be a little freaked out by a blistering hit off the bat of Aquino that seemed to be flying right toward you? It doesn't matter that the net was there. It's scary!

Let's hope that the Nats fan takes the Reds' Twitter account up on the offer of a free beer. It's the least they can do since the Reds aren't about to apologize for the fear induced by the scorching-hot Aquino's swings.