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Fan catches foul ball in hat, loses hat to other fan ... gets hat back with no ball

Fan catch etiquette is a much-debated subject. Should baseballs be caught with a glove or a bare hand? Should adults keep their souvenir or deliver it to a nearby child? Should catchers act like they've been there before or celebrate like this is the greatest moment in the history of the world?

During the Angels' 13-5 win over the Rays on Tuesday, the world was presented with another controversial fan catch moment. A man reached over with his hat to catch an Andrelton Simmons foul ball in the ninth inning, but his hat -- with the ball in tow -- slipped out of his hand and into the hands of another fan. This fan gave back the hat to the man, but did not give back the ball.

Should the blue-shirted fan have given the ball back to the original fan or should he have taken things a step further -- putting on the hat and singing "Finders keepers, losers weepers" for the rest of the inning?  Did the original fan reach his hat too far out of his personal fan zone? Is the personal fan zone a real thing? Am I just making up words now?
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