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A Mariners fan made the most disconcerting catch of the season

There's a feeling that hits us all from time to time. You feel some impulse that tells you to do something and by the time it's happened, you instantly realize that you probably shouldn't have done that.

It could be finishing that plate of french fries that came with your huge burger because they just so smelled so good. It could simply be bat flipping off your son. (Looking at you, Freddie Freeman.)

I have a sneaking suspicion that a similar gut instinct creeped into the mind of this Mariners fan when he saw a foul ball flying toward him in the stands on Saturday night. He reached out to make a one-handed catch.

So why was this a bit of a problem? He had a small kid right in his lap.

Oh, dear.

Let's be clear: This was a great snag! I can only occasionally catch keys one-handed, much less a baseball, and this guy made it look so effortless. He barely had his hand out for a second, and he reeled it in.

But should he have really done that with his kid so close to him? Well ... probably not. Mom knows what I'm talking about.

That right there is the alarmed look of "Hahaha ... please never do that again." Understandable.

At least the kid will have a souvenir to mark this strange day, even if he never gets told about it.