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Freddie Freeman spent his off-day bat flipping off his son

Off-days during the MLB season are few and far between. Players don't have many of them, let alone ones they can spend at home. So, when they get those opportunities to spend an uninterrupted day with the family, it's important to take full advantage.

The Braves had Monday off, so Freddie Freeman spent the day at home with his wife and son. And he certainly made the most of it with a spirited game of baseball in the backyard.

Young Charlie Freeman was certainly impressive with a hard line drive up the middle off his dad, but Freddie wasn't about to let his son dominate his off-day. When he got up to the plate, he showed his son how a big leaguer does it, blasting a home run and finishing it off with a flourish.

You can be sure that'll be the last time Charlie leaves a pitch right down the middle to his dad.