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A little rain couldn't keep fans from dancing in the aisles at the Brewers-Braves game

The fans that stick it out during a rain delay deserve some credit -- and a few particular patrons definitely earned theirs in Thursday's game between the Brewers and Braves. 
Milwaukee won, 6-2, but neither that nor inclement weather (and a rain delay) kept a few fans from strutting their stuff in the stands. One gentlemen made a nice play on a foul ball and proceeded to channel Ric Flair, because why not?

Iffy weather was one of the night's narratives. The mere arrival of a few droplets of rain can send most fans running for shelter in the concourse -- but not these two, who instead grooved in their seats to whatever song was playing over the Turner Field PA system: 

Talk about making the best of an otherwise messy night at the ballpark!