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Fans enjoyed the Japan All-Star Series while getting a run in on the treadmill

(Chesterton, Eric)

Finding a treadmill to use at the gym is the worst. Even if you're lucky enough to have a choice of a couple available machines, it's usually not in front of any of the good TVs. Instead of getting to watch sports, you're probably stuck either watching a soap opera or turning nearly sideways to catch a glimpse of the good TV.
That is never an issue for fans at Mazda Zoom Zoom Stadium in Hiroshima, Japan. Every treadmill above the right-field concourse is in front of the "good TV" because they all come with a panoramic view of a live baseball game. Fans took advantage of the amenities during Samurai Japan's 7-3 win over the MLB All-Stars in Game 4 of the Japan All-Star Series on Tuesday:

With a view like that, it's a wonder fans ever stop working out during the game.