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Felipe Vázquez got the last laugh against some hecklers by taunting them after securing the save

Proving someone wrong is a wonderful feeling. Maybe there's a mild degree of nastiness to that fact, but it's still so true. Someone didn't think you could do something, and instead of failing, you stuck it to them! Good for you.

Pirates closer Felipe Vázquez definitely knows the feeling. He was really hearing it from the Rangers fans behind home plate on Wednesday afternoon while he was trying to close out a 7-5 win. Were they taunting him about his beard? The massive dinger he surrendered to Joey Gallo the night before? Something else? It's hard to say.

Regardless, Vázquez slammed the door on the two-game sweep by striking out Hunter Pence to end it. Once he walked off the mound, he caught the hecklers' eyes and responded with some sass:

Touché, Felipe. Excellent counterpunch.