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If you've ever misplayed a foul ball, you'll relate to this Pirates fan's emotional rollercoaster of a chance

Catching a foul ball: when it comes to the idea of the "perfect" night at the ballpark, that's pretty high for most fans.

And yet ... it's incredibly hard. Watching a given game, you see countless swings leading to "souvenirs for lucky fans," as announcers commonly say. But it's tough! Whether you bring a glove to the game or adopt the "gloves are only for kids" perspective, opting instead to rely on your bare hands when the impossible scenario presents itself to you, it's a challenge.

Enter this Pirates fan in Wednesday's game against the Cardinals at PNC Park. A liner down the left-field line bounced up toward him, anticipation no doubt building in his mind, but ...

Oh. Oh no. OH MAN. That's just a bummer.

But, much like the daily nature of this game, one that affords players the chance to start fresh each day, forgetting that strikeout or missed opportunity from the previous game, this fan can just try again next time. Assuming there is a next time, since there's no guarantee a foul ball will head in his direction again.

But if one does ... good luck, sir.