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This bird hanging out at Fenway Park had the best view ... and wouldn't leave

Tickets for Friday's American League Division Series Game 1 between the Yankees and Red Sox were in high demand. And why not? Two classic rivals playing in a classic stadium at the start of the weekend? But one fan skipped ponying up for tickets and still wound up with the best seat in the house: This bird. 

Yes, sure, it's a bird. Maybe it just landed there by accident. Maybe it saw some popcorn kernels from the sky or was wondering what all the hullaballoo was about. Sure, that's possible. But why, then, did it refuse to leave the field? And why did it simply saunter away when Steve Pearce's RBI single came right to its vicinity?


It was very nearly hit by an Aaron Judge line drive and, unlike most aerial creatures, still chose to hang out in the stadium. 


Naturally, the internet fell in love. Reporters wanted a postgame interview: 

The grounds crew tried to move him and yet it was resolute:

Naturally, a parody account was born (We think. After all, if it can enjoy a baseball game, who knows, maybe it can use Twitter, too.)

If the Cardinals -- a team that are already represented by an animal -- can have a squirrel, why can't the Red Sox have a bird? (Though, I suppose this means the end of the Rat Sox.) 

The bird even became something for people at home to aspire to be:

Shine on, you crazy bird. We assume that after the game, he'll also hop on the T rather than fly home: