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The craziest ice skating race you'll ever see turned Fenway Park into a winter wonderland

Back in September, it was announced that in February, Fenway Park would play host to Red Bull Crashed Ice, a ridiculous and amazing ice skating competition that challenges players to somehow win a race while not running into each other (or the walls). How can a baseball stadium be capable of hosting such an event?
If you're the Red Sox, it's simple. Just watch the evolution:

That kind of work will open some eyes.
When even a legend like David Ortiz is impressed with the old ballpark's overhaul, you know you've done something incredible.

Observing the mere achievement of the course's existence is one thing -- it's quite another to see it in action.

No, Red Sox Twitter. It is not normal. It's incredible. Just look at those skaters fly.

We haven't seen gravity defied this much at Fenway since Jackie Bradley Jr. was patrolling the outfield last season.

Say, maybe JBJ should compete in this event next time it rolls around.

He'll have to focus on skating instead of skiing, but the potential is there.