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A Fenway Park usher made one of the smoothest barehanded foul ball grabs you'll see

Being an usher at the ballpark comes with a specific set of responsibilities -- and while "catch a foul ball" isn't necessarily one of your official duties, it probably should be.
In the second inning of Wednesday's Blue Jays-Red Sox game, Yangervis Solarte slapped a David Price offering up into the stands above the first-base area. That's when one hyper-aware usher sprang into action. But by "sprang into action," I mean basically stood in the walkway and nonchalantly made an expert-level foul ball grab with his bare hand.

He then calmly gave the ball to a young fan in the seats, because again, ensuring fans have a great night at the game is of the utmost importance.
But seriously, fantastic play, sir!