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Mini Thor took to the mound to show off his Noah Syndergaard impression

It's not often that you have five-year-olds that can pull off impressions of Major Leaguers, especially when those players throw 99-mph fastballs and have the golden locks of a Norse god. Then again, Ashtin Gerberg, known as "Mini Thor," isn't those other five-year-olds. 
The youngster came to worldwide acclaim last month after showing off his impressive pitching mechanics and advanced flow in his driveway:

That scouting video was enough to get him on the mound before Wednesday's Royals-Mets game. With a better arm than most adults who throw the first pitch, Gerberg displayed poise well beyond his years. 

Naturally, Syndergaard got the start, so for those watching, it probably looked like Ashtin was "Big'd" into a Major Leaguer in the first inning. 
As for what pitch he tossed, that was easy. Gerberg revealed his selection before taking the mound: "Fastball." 

He may have even picked up some tips from the big leaguer he idolizes. The two met on Saturday, with Syndergaard even going into the squat to catch some of Gerberg's pitches. 

Syndergaard picked up the victory in the Mets' 4-3 win, although elbow soreness forced him to leave the game early. Fortunately, after a quick visit to the doctor, everything was fine and happy: