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Which All-Star Indians infielder's outfit do you like more?

Indians position players are due to report Saturday morning, which means that some of the club's biggest stars are showing up to camp. Showing up in style, that is. Francisco Lindor and Jose Ramirez are more than just two of the 10 best players in baseball, they're both incredibly fashionable dudes who don't shy away from the flash of a camera.

Though both look sharp, their outfits couldn't be more different. Ramirez went with a one-tone, full-navy, denim-esque ensemble, while Lindor looks like the most stylish high school senior to ever roam this earth. That wrist and chain sparkle is bright enough to burn a laser into the earth off the sun.
But which of these two outfits do you prefer? Are you more about Ramirez's understated Canadian tuxedo situation or Lindor's casual fashion week get-up?