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In a Jedi robe, Orbit challenged Francisco Lindor to a lightsaber duel -- but the Force was stronger with Lindor

The Indians rolled into Minute Maid Park on Friday for the first game of a weekend series with the Astros, pitting two of the American League's top clubs (and feistiest player social media accounts) against each other. 
Also against each other? Orbit, the Astros' mischievous mascot, fresh off his shenanigans in NYC earlier this week, and Cleveland shortstop/all-around Fun HaverFrancisco Lindor.
Perhaps because of the anticipated release of "Solo: A Star Wars Story" coming up soon, their on-field skirmish involved lightsabers. And not only was Lindor definitely down for a battle, he fought Orbit with the type of showmanship and style that would make old Ben Kenobi proud: 

Sorry, Orbit. Good effort with the Obi-Wan Jedi costume, though.