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Francisco Lindor went to the plate with the wrong gear so he went to change

There's a lot involved in getting ready for a plate appearance. Not only does a player have to study up on the opposing pitcher, but he also has to grab his helmet, put on his batting gloves and make sure his bat has just the right amount of pine tar. If that player is a switch-hitter, the process only gets more complicated: he needs to select his helmet and put on his shin guards based on the handedness of the opposing pitcher.
When Indians shortstop Francisco Lindor led off the bottom of the first inning against the Royals on Sunday, he went to the plate expecting a right-handed pitcher. When he got there, he saw Danny Duffy -- a lefty -- staring back at him. A helmet change was in order:

After getting the proper headgear, changing his shinguard over to his left leg and revealing the results of a lost bet, Lindor returned to the plate and was able to laugh about the entire sequence:

Now that he's finally ready to play ball, there's good reason for Lindor to be happy.