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Words cannot do justice to Francisco Lindor's new haircut

In addition to stellar defense at shortstop and arguably the best smile in baseball, Francisco Lindor is known for having a unique head of hair. 

But on Thursday, with the Indians preparing to report to Spring Training, we received some shocking news: Lindor had been convinced to shave it off.

According to's Jordan Bastian, those are various members of Lindor's family in the above video, and they all decided that Lindor should go short heading into this season -- and then immediately regretted it.
"Short hair, everybody was like, 'Let's cut it! Let's cut it! Let's cut it!'," he told Bastian. "So, I cut it and then everybody was like, 'Oh no, why?'"
Which begs the question: Just how much hair had Lindor lost? Would he play bald in 2018? What could we expect from one of the game's true style icons?
We got our answer on Friday, and fear not: The curls may be gone, but Lindor's hair is better than ever. Behold:

Sisqo? Amber Rose? The comparisons are endless.
Lindor, however, insists he was inspired by his dad:

But Jason Kipnis, for one, had a different interpretation: