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Francisco Lindor would like to be a dentist for exactly the reason you expect

If anyone knows the importance of a smile, it's Cleveland shortstop Francisco Lindor. After all, he might have the best smile in the bigs. Just take a look at that flawless grin:


It makes sense, then, that when Harold Reynolds asked Lindor last April what he'd be if not a baseball player, the answer was: A dentist. On Tuesday, Reynolds followed up and asked Lindor to further explain his interest in dentistry. The response was nearly as endearing as the smile of the man who gave it:

"I've always been the type of kid that always smiles, but since I got my braces off I was smiling even more… it gives you that confidence… and I would love to be able to help people that way."

Well, when you put it that way, who wouldn't want to be a dentist?!