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Remember Francisco Mejia's 50-game MiLB hit streak? He wasn't aware of it until 40+ games in

In 2016, the story of Indians prospect Francisco Mejíamade headlines. Playing for Class A Advanced Lynchburg, the catcher put together a 50-game hitting streak that put everybody on notice.
Imagine you were out there taking your hacks on the diamond. Do you think you'd be fully conscious of it, totally focused on a hitting streak? Mejia wasn't, as he told recently at Rookie Career Development Camp. In fact, as he explains in the clip atop this post, he wasn't even aware it was happening until he'd already hit 40 games. Here was that 40th-game hit:

"That was a crazy thing, because in spite of everything that was going on, I really only became aware of it when I was at 40-something games. I really didn't know that I was doing that; I was just playing baseball," he recalls in the interview. 
That's focus. Mejia was certainly aware of his first Major League base hit, however: