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True love is real, and it's Franmil Reyes gently kissing his bat after crushing a homer

If there's one thing we know about Petco Park, it's that the San Diego Padres play their home games there. If there's another thing we know about Petco Park, it's that it's not exactly a hitter's haven.

Franmil Reyes wouldn't know that, though. The Padres' 23-year-old slugger is quickly earning a reputation as the type of hitter whose power knows no bounds, as he's making the cavernous ballpark look like a Little League field. He owes that to his own power and physical strength, sure, but he also owes it to his bat.

And he knows that. After crushing a go-ahead two-run homer in the sixth inning of Monday's game against the D-backs, Reyes took time in the dugout to make sure his bat knows he appreciates it and everything it's done for him.

That's a good bat, right there.

And speaking of Reyes' prodigious Petco power, this statistic from's Andrew Simon puts his power show in perspective:

Wow, Franmil. I wonder if his bat tastes like vanilla ice cream ...