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The new movie 'Shazam!' stars a kid named Freddy Freeman

(Daniel Shirey)

Given the amount of comic book movies that are released these days, it can be a challenge to keep track of the characters in all of them. Marvel's Avengers alone are overwhelming -- forget trying to remember all the other random heroes.
DC's "Shazam!" is set to come out in April, and it has a fun premise -- what if a teenager (Billy Batson) was suddenly imbued with superhero powers, with no idea how to use them?

Forget the kid for a second, though. Take a look at the name of his closest friend:

Apparently, the Braves' Freddie Freeman is a slugger by day and a sidekick by night. He just changes the spelling of his nickname to cover it up, much like how Superman's Clark Kent wears glasses. Both Freemans even have a given first name of "Frederick."
In the movie, Freddy will have an encyclopedic knowledge of comic books that helps Shazam figure out his powers. This begs an important question, though. Has Freddie been holding out on us? Does he secretly have this memorized, too? Is that why he's a career .444 hitter against the Thor-like Noah Syndergaard?

We're onto you, Freddy. You can't hide your secret identity forever.