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Watch Kevin Gausman defend SunTrust Park in a 'Home Alone' spinoff, 'Ballpark Alone'

One of the best parts of the holiday season each year is curling up on the couch to watch some Christmas movies with friends and family, whether it's discovering a new favorite or revisiting a classic. Nothing brings the season to life like a movie, a blanket and a warm cup of hot chocolate.
If you're on the hunt for a new favorite this year, the Braves have you covered. With Kevin Gausman as Macaulay Culkin's classic character Kevin McCallister, the team has done their own spin on the best Christmas film of all time. Presenting: Ballpark Alone.
With a ballpark full of tools and sports equipment at his disposal, Gausman adroitly set a system of booby traps to protect SunTrust Park from the Base Bandits. Maybe it's not an instant classic, but it's at least a worthy addition to the holiday movie rotation.