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From bullpen cart ornaments to festive caps, clubs are offering great perks to holiday season ticket packs

(Jae C. Hong)

Holiday ticket packs aren't just a great way for baseball fans to ensure that they'll see their favorite team up close next season -- they're also a perfect excuse to add some festive flair to sweeten the deal.
Items such as ...
The Nats' bullpen cart ornament

Washington's bullpen cart was a big deal this season, as reliever Sean Doolittlecan attest. Riding the high of their new cart, the Nats are offering up a special mini-cart in holiday ornament form as a bonus on top of their ticket package. 
The Reds' Redlegs the Snowman bobblehead

Cincinnati is planning big things in 2019 as far as special commemorative jerseys are concerned, and with that same history-honoring mentality in mind, the club created a special winter-themed Redlegs bobblehead for its holiday pack. 
The Rays' holiday cap

The Rays kept their special holiday pack bonus simple, but it's still great in its own right -- a mash up of sorts, of a regular Rays cap with some "ugly holiday sweater" designs implemented under the bill. 
The White Sox' Elf on the Shelf

A tradition in its own right, the Elf on the Shelf is a full-blown holiday season phenomenon these days, and the White Sox get it. They really get it.
The Giants' Lou Seal snowglobe

Lou Seal, the Giants' mascot, is known for his big belly and robust personality -- and, fully appreciating that fact, the Giants' holiday pack snowglobe captures Lou in all his ... glory.
The Braves' National League East champions holiday ornament

Closing out this list is the Braves' 2018 National League East champions ornament, a sleek-looking addition to any Braves fan's tree this season.