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Freddy Galvis showed off his new stretching routine on a single that flew way over his head

Get to the ballpark early and you'll likely see baseball players splayed out on the field, each one in a series of pretzel-like contortions that would render the average mortal in screaming pain. Turns out, that's just what stretching looks like if you're a professional athlete. 
For Phillies shortstop Freddy Galvis, that just isn't enough. He requires in-game tuneups. And in the seventh inning of the Phillies' 7-0 win against the Blue Jays on Monday night, he showed off his new stretching technique. I mean, he certainly wasn't trying to catch this ball from Jose Bautista, right? 

Even better, this, along with chewing gum and watching other baseball games, is one of a handful of things that the average human can do along with the baseball-playing elite.