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Friendship first, winning baseball games second

Earlier this week, a Minnesota high school pitcher struck out a batter from a rival school to win a section championship game. But before celebrating with his team, the pitcher, Ty Koehn, ran toward home plate to embrace the batter, former Little League teammate Jack Kocon. It was a rare, yet incredibly heartwarming moment to witness on a baseball diamond.

This week, Gemma, Dakota and Jess talk about the embrace on the Cut4Cast. Gemma also shared one of her greatest athletic feats -- which involved both lens popping out of her glasses (4:27). Go to the (13:50) mark to hear Jess discuss her adventure tracking down Gabby DiMarco -- the girl who caught a ball in her beer and downed it -- and why Jess now prays to her every night. The crew also says who it'd campaign for to get elected to the All-Star Game (22:35), and Dakota has a steaming hot take on Mike Trout.