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Houston's home run celebration and eight more of the funniest things caught on a dugout camera

When Tyler White went yard in Houston's win over the Mariners on Wednesday, it seemed fairly routine, just another dinger in a season full of them. Little did we know that it set in motion one of the greatest displays of teamwork and coordination in baseball history:


Of course, connoisseurs of celebrations and shenanigans that we are, that got us thinking: What are some of other iconic moments captured by dugout cameras? Here are nine more of our favorites -- if there are any we missed, let us know on Twitter @Cut4.

And you can always send in your best staredowns to Alex Bregman himself:

Joey Gallo

As much as we respect Houston's stellar player participation rate, we feel compelled to point out that Gallo got there first. Not once ...


But twice:


The Yankees' post-homer interviews

During their run to the ALCS last season, the Yankees somehow found the time to also launch their very own late-night show, broadcasting live from the dugout and featuring an interview with whichever hitter had just gone yard. Sure, the camera was actually a water bottle taped to some kind of box, but don't tell Ronald Torreyes that:


The Great Water Cup Pyramid Disaster of 2015

Michael Wacha knew that Carlos Martinez was exceedingly proud -- and very protective -- of the pyramid he'd constructed out of paper cups.


Still, some men just want to watch the world burn:


Ron Washington, baseball's most expressive manager

Some managers prefer a more stoic style of leadership. Washington was not one of those managers -- at least, not during the 2011 postseason. Watch here as he tries to wave a runner home through sheer force of will:


And here, as he does his own, caffeine-addled version of the running man:


Derek Bell finds out where his car is

During a 1992 game, the Blue Jays held what seemed to be an innocent giveaway, offering one lucky fan the chance to win a brand-new SUV. And then Bell discovered that one lucky fan had actually won his brand-new SUV.


It turned out that Joe Carter had planned the whole thing as a prank -- a very successful prank.

No team dances like the Pirates

Granted, having Andrew McCutchen around then helped:


Jesus Aguilar really hates surprises

Aguilar is one of the most imposing players in the Majors, so let this be a lesson: Even the biggest among us can still get scared, especially when a bunch of confetti comes flying out of nowhere.


Javy Baez really hopes no one saw that

Alas, the camera is always watching:


Tim Lincecum really loves sunflower seeds

We miss you, Big Time Timmy Jim: