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Gabe Kapler went to ring the bell before the Sixers game and, of course, he tried to destroy it

Ringing the bell before the Philadelphia 76ers game is a time-honored tradition. Philly legends Jimmy Rollins, Nick Foles and Meek Mill have all taken a turn.

Before the Spurs-Sixers game on Wednesday night, current Phillies Rhys Hoskins, Aaron Nola and manager Gabe Kapler were called upon to take their hacks. Generally, participants will give it a soft tap and walk away. But this is Gabe Kapler we're talking about. The man doesn't know what "soft" means. He eats soft for breakfast and burns it off punching brick walls for lunch. Look at him. Look at that smile.


So, of course, Kapler tried to smash the bell to pieces:

Hey, he was just trying to make it look more like the original.