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George Clooney once tried out for the Reds but just could not hit a curveball

George Clooney was the most recent guest on David Letterman's new Netflix show "My Next Guest Needs No Introduction." Along with talking about his movies, his ever-enduring (YOU MAKE US LOOK SO BAD, GEORGE) good looks and his amazing wife Amal -- the Oscar winner, of course, talked about baseball. Weirdly enough, Clooney once tried out for the Reds in 1977. Yes, the Big Red Machine Reds.
The 16-year-old was a top high school ballplayer and was invited to the team's facilities for a tryout. He could hit fastballs fine, but when the pitcher started throwing curves, things did not go so well ...

Yup, the breaking ball is usually what does it. Clooney claims he was a good fielder and, judging by the below photo, that could be true. Look at him gearing up for one of those quick-transfer double plays while wearing a nice pair of khaki pants.

Either way, we think his life turned out pretty nicely.