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Fernando Rodney makes the exceptionally fun Oakland A's even more exciting

Thursday night, the Oakland A's, already one of the most thrilling and enjoyable teams in baseball, went out and traded for perhaps the most theatrical human being in the Major Leagues: Fernando Rodney.

Rodney joins an already stacked A's bullpen led by fellow mid-season acquisitions Jeurys Familia and Shawn Kelley, out-of-nowhere flamethrower Lou Trivino and All-Star closer Blake Treinen. But a mid-90's fastball and a disrespectfully unhittable changeup aren't the only things Rodney plans on bringing to The Bay -- the 41-year-old also has one of the league's most delightful personalities.

You can't really talk about Rodney without bringing up "The Bow and Arrow," his trademark save celebration. Rodney has been launching imaginary arrows into the sky since he was with Tampa Bay in 2012 and has continued the tradition for every other team he's played for since then.

Another iconic component of the Fernando Rodney Experience is his perpetually off-centered hat. But the story behind his abnormal brim direction is way more heartwarming than you may have realized.
Rodney wears his lid tilted to the left as a tribute to his father, Ulise, who, as a fisherman from the Dominican Republic, also wore his hat off-center in order to protect the side of his face from the sun when he was out on the boat.

Rodney has pitched for Team Dominican Republic in the World Baseball Classic, but his biggest contribution to that squad was the introduction of #PlátanoPower. For seemingly no reason other than the plant being an important staple of Dominican cuisine, Rodney carried an enormous plantain around with him during the 2013 and 2017 World Baseball Classics.

Even though he grew up in the tropical Caribbean climate, Rodney seems to have adjusted well to the colder climate in Minnesota before he was dealt to Oakland. During a game this April, our hero saw an opportunity to hydrate while on the mound during a snow flurry.

The fun-loving personality that he is, Rodney deciding to ride the bullpen cart to the mound in a game against the Tigers seemed like a no-brainer, but his demeanor during his journey in from the bullpen was hilariously chill for someone who was about to throw baseballs 96 mph.

Smile A's fans: You folks already got to watch a wonderfully fun group of ballplayers every night, and now you've added the most lovable goofball reliever in the game.