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Get to know Zack Cozart as he brings his glove, bat and donkey to the Angels

Woe be to anyone trying to hit a single through the infield against the Angels next year, because the team is absolutely stacked after the team acquired Ian Kinsler and then signed free-agent shortstop Zack Cozart to a three-year $38 million deal on Friday.
Because Cirque du Soleil performer Andrelton Simmons is already at shortstop, Cozart is going to slide over to third. As the Angels clearly have their sites on toppling the Astros in the AL West and winning the 2017 World Series, here's what you need to know about Cozart: 
1. Get ready for defense
Cozart's glove is plenty smooth and he's got lots of range. Though he's missed plenty of time with injuries over the years -- he hasn't topped 140 games since 2014 -- whenever he's on the field, he can make some beautiful plays. 

2. The dingers
For most of Cozart's career, he was a glove-first shortstop, whose bat always seemed to offer the hope of more. He hit 15 homers in 2012. He smacked out 16 in 2016. And last year, he broke out with his first All-Star appearance as he hit 24 -- tied for second among NL shortstops. 

Though Cozart may give a few of those back as he moves to a larger stadium in Anaheim ... or because this one likely won't land over the fence, he's still got plenty of pop: 

3. The Donkey
This is most important: Zack Cozart loves donkeys. And, thanks to Joey Votto's promise that he would buy his teammate a donkey if he made the All-Star Game, he's got one. His name is Donald -- named for Cozart's son's love of Donald Duck -- and will surely be an excellent pairing for the Rally Monkey. 

Unfortunately, the donkey won't be heading to the West Coast immediately. But once he finds some land and a place to live, the two will be reunited once again: