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Giancarlo Stanton displayed his endless strength and broke the Dodgers fence

Like a giant that accidentally destroys entire cities with a single step, Giancarlo Stanton crushes baseballs at speeds and distances that should be impossible. His forearms are like tiny galaxies and his biceps are like mountain ranges. Frankly, Stanton is too strong for our world. 
He displayed that yet again as the Marlins played the Dodgers on Sunday. Though the ball evaded Stanton's reach when Joc Pederson blasted a home run in the fourth inning, the leap proved too much for the structural integrity of the fence:

That should be covered in ballpark owner's insurance under "act of human giant."
Fortunately for all of us, the fence at least held up -- unlike when Turner Ward went racing into it in 1998: 

Later in the game, Stanton proved he's not just a man of immense strength, though. He's got a serious vertical leap, too. Just watch as the massive right fielder avoided the much-smaller Dee Gordon on Enrique Hernández's fly ball in the eighth:'s Austin Laymance talked to Gordon about the play postgame:
"I didn't see him. I heard him late, but it was my bad. He called it early. I just didn't hear him. I was just trying to catch the ball."
And how relieved was he about a non-collision?
"I'm just glad I didn't die."<o:p>