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A fan atop the Green Monster threw back Giancarlo Stanton's homer and accidentally hit him on a hop

The Yankees hit a lot of home runs -- a historic amount, in fact.The dingers continued in Saturday's 8-5 win over the Red Sox, with -- surprise, surprise -- Giancarlo Stanton getting into the act.
With New York up, 7-2, in the seventh, he lofted a homer into the seats above the Green Monster. This prompted whomever came down with the ball to fire it back toward the field, and its trajectory coincided with Stanton's pace as he hit the second-base bag ... leading to a collision:

This is definitely not something you like to see (and likely got that fan ejected for his misdeed), but we'll venture a guess Stanton was unfazed by the peg. After all, he's pretty strong. 

As seen in the video below, Stanton's took the odd collision in stride.

Stanton echoed those sentiments on social media as well, as he posted a parody video about it on Instagram with an assist from Henry Rowengartner.

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