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May you be as vigilant and determined at your job as this Giants balldude was retrieving a baseball

The "Balldude/Balldudette" program the Giants run each season for their home games at Oracle Park is a unique in-stadium quirk that leads to some entertaining scenarios.

One such scenario played out early in Thursday's game against the Rockies, courtesy of the balldude down the right-field line. Joe Panik laced a grounder down the line that headed toward the bullpen area, sailing right past the evening's designated retriever and rolling out toward the right-field corner.

But no, dear reader, tonight's balldude didn't fall back and allow the right fielder to jog over and get the ball. No, he was determined, focused on his responsibilities and nothing else. So, he set out on a noble quest.

Remember this the next time you feel like mailing it in at the office. This gentleman didn't, and he's a star.