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The Giants scored three wild runs on a swinging bunt, good fortune and Jarrett Parker's hustle

The Giants' home opener against the D-backs on Monday afternoon at AT&T Park featured a fourth-inning sequence you don't see very often -- if ever. 
With one out, San Francisco loaded the bases with pitcher Matt Moore coming to the plate. Moore, who entered the game with a career line of .075/.075/.075, was tasked with helping his own cause in a then 0-0 ballgame. And he did, though it wasn't exactly due to getting a base hit so much as it was the D-backs making a series of throwing miscues:

Just like that, three runs scored -- the last of which coming in large part due to Jarrett Parker's undeniable hustle, as he made it all the way from first base to home without the ball venturing very far. San Francisco would go on to win the game, 4-1, so this play wound up being rather important.
After the game, Giants manager Bruce Bochy said to's Chris Haft of that sequence:
"We call them RTIs -- runs thrown in."
As for Parker: 
"In that moment, I was watching the ball," Parker said. "I didn't have time to look at the third-base coach (Phil Nevin) in that situation, so I was reacting to what I saw. I round second and after that I watch Joe (Panik). Once I make sure he's going home, I round third hard."
Let this be a reminder that if you put the ball in play, good things can happen. You just don't necessarily know how they'll happen.