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Only a few feet from his old dugout, new Brewers pitcher Gio Gonzalez messed with his old friends

Friday night marked the end of an era in Washington baseball when the Nationals traded Gio Gonzalez to the Brewers at the waiver trade deadline. Gonzalez had been a fixture in D.C. since joining the team in 2012, and it was clear that he cared deeply about the city during an emotional news conference when he flipped his 'W' cap for an 'M'.
So, with Gonzalez in the same familiar stadium, but this time in the visitors dugout, the Nats said thanks for all the good years with a heartwarming tribute video for the pitcher: 

Only problem: With a standing ovation from the fans and his old teammates, Gonzalez was nowhere to be found.
He soon emerged from the clubhouse and waved to the crowd, with Orlando Arcia wrapping him up in a bear hug as if to say "We're you're new family now." 

Meanwhile, Rendon showed off some seriously strong charades skills to ask where the heck Gonzalez was hiding. 

Well, it was either that or Rendon wanted us to guess the name of a movie.